Monday, December 27, 2010

Flying makes a difference ....

I think flying has made a difference in my mood. Does that sound crazy? It seems to be true. I notice I am less stressed, I play more with my daughters. They are dressed every day which is not something that would have happened before Flylady. They are so adorable in there little outfits and shoes.

My oldest looks so cute with her pigtails. I love her giggle and I hear it more often because I have a clean house with just a few blitz' a day and have time to make her giggle. She is so stinkin' cute. My youngest smiles and coo's and it is so sweet to see and hear. My children are a blessing and flylady has allowed me enjoy that blessing even more.

I honestly believe that I would be so stressed all the time with 2 children and no hubby in sight if it weren't for flylady. I know that having a baby is tough enough, but somehow with the system in place. The house stays clean, I know where to find everything. We have clean clothes and can wear what we choose because of flylady's system.

I know it seems silly to go on and on about flylady, but she has made such a difference in my life. She has made such a difference in my family's life. My children will grow up differently because of her. They will not struggle with things like I did, because they will be taught early that in 15 minutes things will look different!!

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  1. sounds awesome. i'm not familiar with share! :)