Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Days....

There are some days that are just not good, that all kinds of things go wrong. Today was sort of one of those days, it was not all bad. However it had high frustration. I stayed up a bit last night to get some self care in, fingers and toes painted and then it started...

Just as I was getting ready to go to sleep, and I was so tired and ready for the comfy-ness of my bed. Just at that moment, V woke up. Awesome... Okay, she is hungry; I fed her. Nope. Not the full problem. Okay, maybe gas; lets get a burp out of her. Nope. Not the problem, she was congested. I did the little squeegy on her nose.
It boiled down to fussy-ness and waking every 20 minutes or so. Until 7ish, when she woke and would not go back to sleep and woke her sister up, who was not pleased about it. It was awesome. I was so pooped.

I got up, fed the kids.. Both of them. I was not hungry, I laid down on the couch with V and promptly fell asleep. I woke up in a panic, I feel asleep with an awake 2 year old. What is wrong with me. Amazing stories she did not do anything. God was looking after me.

Hubby arrived home, I laid back down on the couch with V, and yep did it again. Awesome. He had gone to bed. But again, she did not do anything. How did that happen. God was watching over us.

I got up, ate and just puttered around. I dressed the kids and myself.  My friend Melanie came over and helped out with the kids for a couple of hours, it was such a blessing because I was so very tired, and frazzled. I was able to clean the kitchen and take a shower. Oh it was wonderful and needed. Thank you dear Melanie..

I then had to go to the bank and move money around, lets just say it was not simple. I had to go to the grocery store too, again not so very simple. Little V decided that being in the carseat was not to be had, so I had to push the cart with one hand and hold her in the other. I had to make it back to the house so dinner could be cooked for hubby before work. I did it, but it was not fun.

L did not get a nap today and so had been very cranky for a couple of hours now, So.. being the mom, I put her to bed early. HA. Some days its good to be the mommy.

I have V in the moby, am going to watch Netflix for a bit and go to bed!!!


  1. I've had a few (maybe more) of those kind of days not that long ago. Just so you don't feel too bad...I totally left Annelise in her carseat in the car which was in our driveway, not even inside the garage, after getting home form dropping the older girls off at school one morning. I went inside, plopped down on the couch exhausted and totally forgot I even had a third child for about 15-20 minutes. I started setting up a safe area in the house where I could leave the baby to play where she couldn't get out or into danger so I could rest if I needed. Hang in there. My mantra is "one foot in front of the other". *hugs*

  2. Night float is terrible enough without kids... and you have TWO! You are doing an amazing job.

  3. Thank you, I appreciate it, both of you.