Sunday, November 7, 2010

Changes and Hope

My life changes constantly, though there are those that would say it is the same each day. I am a stay at home mom, however I assure you this does not mean I do the same thing every day. Granted we have routines that I don't like to veer from as it makes my day more painful when I do. My day changes though based on many husbands daughters own mood..what event or chore we plan on attending/doing that day and various other things that come up.

So, when I have a bad day I know that does not mean tomorrow is bad too. It means tomorrow is a new day and hopefully better. There are days I want to run screaming from the building, but then there are days I feel completely blessed. My sister says everything is what you make it, I tend to believer her, though frankly I usually don't want it hear that when I am feeling negative. Haha. It is however, mostly true, your attitude is what makes a thing what it is. I know there are outside forces that can affect your life, but they can only adversely affect you if don't have the right attitude.

I am learning that changing your plan is needed often. Learning to accept change is needed and absolutely necessary in this med school life. I am not in school, but in many ways it feels like it. I worry about grades and tests and what the professors think. I don't have to study, or spend time at the hospital with doctor's that go our of your way to make you feel stupid, I do however feel for my husband for each day he has and how it turns out.

Just as often as worrying about school, or maybe even more often I realize that God is bigger than all of this. God knows his plan for us and that if we believe and trust in him we will end up in the right place . We are in the right place right now.We are exactly where he wants us at this precise moment and if we believe he will get us through it. Intact. 

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  1. Flexibility is a hard skill to perfect. I always hate it when I talk to my husband on the phone to get an idea of when he plans to be home for dinner so I plan my dinner accordingly. Then after 20 minutes after he said he would be home I get a call from the OR staff letting me know he was going to be at least another hour or two. At least they called but at the same time even when you think you are being flexible it sometimes is still not enough. Found you from Lives of Doctor's wives!