Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weight Loss and Frazzlement

I have lost down to 10 pounds pre-pregnancy weight. I knew I would lose it fast this time given that I was not far past pre-pregnancy when I went into labor given the 14 pounds I lost during  the sickness. I am feeling great in that aspect. I can eat whatever I want, and I look pretty good when I look into the mirror. 11 days past childbirth and you can hardly even tell.

I do admit lately, the last couple of days. I am feeling frazzled. I am not sure exactly why. I got a notice from the DMV regarding my license renewal today and it says I have to take the written test because they were suspended. It made me annoyed, okay angry, at Walnut Creek Courts again. If they had not screwed up, this would not keep coming up. So now, I have to go get the stupid book and take the stupid test. ARRRRGGGHHH.

I have got the kitchen of our house together and am working on the rest of the house. I am wondering if that has something to do with why I feel so frazzled. I am worried that I won't be able to do some of it when hubby goes back to work.

I am sure it will all work out. I am choosing to be positive and am praying for God to give me what I need to do what I need to do. I want to be a good mother and a good wife to my honey. I know that if I pray that God will look after me and give me the skills I need to do what he wants me to do.

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