Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rotations... and kids...

Today is the first day of Inpatient Family ... I am nervous I must admit. Two kids and no hubby in site. The day is going okay so far, shhhh I don't want to say that to loudly. He kissed me bye but I barely remember it cause little one did not feel well last night, and I was up a LOT last night. In consequence, I am quite tired.  I am hoping
God gives me what I need to do this medical school stuff with two kids, and no hubby. I want to be a good mom and at the same time the wife he needs me to be.

He won't be home until about 9 tonight and he left at 7ish. The bedtime routine should be interesting doing it by myself with a newborn. Our oldest, takes a bath, dressed in jammies, we read a story or two and she goes night night. However am I am going to do this with a newborn. I am not exactly sure.
However, through God all things are possible. I just have to remember that.

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  1. Hi, so happy to find your blog and read your thoughts. My husband is in his second year of residency. My advice? Try to smile and relax as much as possible. Your spirit is fragile after a birth, and with little help from your husband it can be super overwhelming. Ask people for help - they want to help but often don't know how. I wish I had relaxed a bit more too - sometimes it's okay if we miss out on bath time and just read stories until the kids fall asleep. It's not the end of the world. Take care of yourself. You will be great.