Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Right Stuff as Medical Spouse

I am learning everyday this life, this medical life, and how to cope with what it throws at you. My husband has been on a 4 day night float, our very first. I admit I was very nervous at the start of this. I had done, good considering I have two small children. I miss him being home but am finding the groove of him NOT being home.

I was a very independent person before I married my husband. I somehow along the way became dependent on him. I have leaned on him very heavily in fact in the last few years. I am just now beginning to realize that. I am also certain that, that independent woman is still here.

Today, was a good day. It was an interesting and eye-opening day. I went to my Mom's group with the two girls.. in the rain. I had to go down some steps holding the baby in one arm and L's hand in the other. It was very slippery, I was worried one of was going to fall, but we didn't. Then we went grocery shopping.. again in the rain. This called for the double stroller, so the girls did not get wet. That was interesting. However, we got the grocery shopping accomplished. We also went to the doctor's for V's 2-3 appointment. The traffic was bad of course, we were late due to it. We had trouble finding which building it was, then parking was an issue. I ended up finding one parking spot, in a HUGE puddle. That was a whole different kind of fun.

At the end of the day it was crazy day, but everything that needed to be accomplished, was. I am feeling like I might have the right stuff to be a medical spouse. I am learning that to have the right stuff, you have to learn to be independent of them, anything you want to do. You just have to do it, rather than wait for 'the doctor' to be around to do it with you.

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