Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What more can I say.. except Wow..

Yesterday I was leaving to go have lunch with hubby at the hospital, Our first cafeteria lunch together, and decided to stop and check the mail. Wow.. talk about bad news in an envelope and causing your whole life to screech to a halt. A letter from the DMV can do that you see, especially if says this. 'Your license has been suspended'. Say what! I got a ticket in Aug of 2009 which I thought had been taken care of ..  apparently it had not been. My license had been suspended since Feb. Oh boy. If it ain't one thing it's another.
So today, I call DMV. They can't help me I must call the court who has said that I did not take care of ticket. After a bundle of transfers and what not. I finally get ahold of the proper area, I explain what I had done (which entailed way back in 2009 talking to someone in that office about how to handle the ticket) who clearly gave me bad information. I was told it was now a $621.00 fee for a fix it ticket. WHAT?!!! I said that is not fair since I did what the lady from your office told me to do. She said, and I quote "no one from our office would have told you that" Well they did.. Arrrghhh Stay calm C.  I said, well again the unfairness of it is .. I don't remember the rest.. and she said.. hold on to your socks people..

"Then don't pay it and and don't drive." I thought my head was going to explode. I had to pull the phone away from me and pray. ARRRGGHHHH

So now, it boils down to paying said fee, plus a 5.00 processing fee to pay the fee and another 55.00 on top of that to the DMV to reinstate my license. All because someone gave me bad information.

I learned a hard expensive lesson. Always follow up! Three simple words could have saved me some serious drama.  I can't drive until I get a letter from DMV stating I can drive again. Hubby is very busy and I can't drive. oh joy.

Please pray that the court sends it in fast and DMV processes it fast!!! again all I can say is.. Wow.. really...

Obviously as my sister said. God does not want me driving right now.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! And unfortunately I definitely don't trust people, they often get lazy or just want you off the phone so you don't get the accurate information. How horrible!

  2. Yea.. I am still kind of reeling from this one. Like we can afford a blunder of this kind.. uuugghhh.. not to mention the suckiness of not being able to drive.