Sunday, August 1, 2010

I wonder...

I have noticed that my blog seemed filled with woe and drama. Is it me? Is it truly filled with that stuff? Is that my life? I wonder?

I don't want to seem to be downtrodden, or miserable. I am not. I know that life seems to wanting to hand me lemons lately. I am not a fan of lemons at all. I much prefer limes or even lemonade. I am not sure what to make of my life, frankly. I don't know why it seems so difficult. Is this new? or has it always been so? I cannot answer that question.

I anticipate come Monday things will step up in difficulty, yet I also expect that if I depend on God to help me through that I can do it. I have learned in the last few years, several items that are important to progress of life.
 1. If you depend on God wholeheartedly, he will see you through.
2. Life in general is just not easy. If you think it is, then maybe you aren't really living it.
3. That each person is capable of much more than they think they are.
4. That love is the thing that makes everything go round. If you love, not just say you love but really love everything is much better.
5. That remembering that you are human and will make mistakes, will get you through times when you would otherwise just give up.
6. Everyone at one time or another says ' I give up' but rarely does anyone really give up.
7. That you must accept yourself, exactly as you are for anyone else to accept  you.
8. That as you age you grow, you become different yet the same.
9. Being proud of who you are is not a bad thing, if someone does not accept you for you does not matter as long you accept you for you.
10. Not to let your own self esteem be wrapped up in anyone else.

Just a few tidbits I have learned along the way. I imagine there are tons more out there that I have not learned yet. There is always someone wiser than you, remember that and listen to them every chance you get. You will be wiser for it yourself.

I have never considered myself to be a negative person, yet I have noticed lately that I have not been looking at the bright side of things. There are tons of bright sides to every story, especially mine. I will be the first to admit that the life I live is not one I thought of, dreamed of or even wanted. If I could go back and do it again would I? You can be sure I would.

I have somethings in my life that others dream of and never get. I have a husband who loves me for who I am. He never tries to change me, even when I am at my worse. He likes who I am. He likes being with me. I like being with him. He is my love. I am blessed to have him in my life. I also have a wonderful little girl, whom I love more than I could ever express in words. She amazes me each day and I imagine she will continue to do so her entire life. I  have another precious little girl that will join us in September. I feel blessed by that each day.

I am blessed, no matter how each day sometimes seems hard. I know that God is part of my life. I know that he loves me and protects me every day. I know that he wants what is best for me and if I let him, he will make those things happen.

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