Friday, July 30, 2010

Yesterday, was not good day.

Yesterday was rough. Period. 

I did not sleep well so I started out tired. Which of course is always a good way to begin a stressful day. I got up at 6:30am which I would hate anyway. I am not, nor will I ever be a morning person. We were supposed to be at Kaiser at 7:00am at the lab for the glucose tolerance test. I had not eaten since 9:30pm the night before. I woke up cranky. I wish I could say this is not true but that would not be fact. I was definitely cranky. We finally got in the car a few minutes before 7:00am which made us get there later than when I wanted to be. This ultimately causes me to eat later, which affects my crankiness sadly. 

Anyway, I went in and got my fasting blood taken. I was happy to have gotten a phebotist who actually knew what he was doing. I did not even feel him stick me. It made the process somewhat more bearable than I had anticipated.  I then drank the nastiness that is the glucose drink. Yuck! 7:35am. My husband had to run home to get the stroller so I was there by myself, I went outside as it was warmer outside than inside, and called my mom. I was already feeling the ill-effects of the nasty drink. It made me feel, I don't know exactly how to word it, but lets just go with bad. I used the term "poo on a stick" frequently during the test. 

8:35am went in for second blow draw, oh how I love to have my blood taken. I got lucky and got the same guy again. James was my friend for those hours.  If you don't know me, then let me share. I fervently HATE needles and also use sarcasm especially in situations I don't like or don't feel comfortable in. I was getting very hungry and had proceeded from cranky to just plain old grumpy. I am here to tell you, that is a BAD combo especially if you happen to be my husband.

9:35am went in for third blood draw. Oh joy. I am feeling more and  more weak and unhappy to be doing this. I waited for James this time. I figured if I had to do, might as well go with someone who had proven capabilities. This test was taking forever. I was hating that I had to do in the first place. The hour between 9:35am and 10:35am was the worst. The previous hours I had walked around, trying to help those numbers I admit. However, this last hour was a battle of wills between me and my stomach. My stomach had decided enough was enough, and was working to eject said nasty drink. I was willing it NOT to. In consequence, we went outside and I laid on the grass and fought the internal battle of wills.

Finally 10:35am arrived. James was not in the room. Uh-oh. I asked for him, he was on his way back. Oh good. I was scared there for a minute. He came in, took my blood. I asked where a good close place to eat was. He informed me and off I went to eat. Finally.

My stomach started feeling better just at the thought that food was imminent. We went to the place that James had recommended. Hubby loved it. I hated it. I thought I was hungry enough to eat my own shoe, it turns out I was not hungry enough to eat food I felt tasted gross. I ended up eating and Arby's and scarfing my food. 

We went home for a while and I attempted to nap, but of course that was not to be. I got heartburn, then restless leg, then my neck started hurting. I was uncomfortable. So finally I got up. ARRRGGHHH

3:00pm Time for ultrasound with new Kaiser, I was told my hubby could come in at the end of the ultrasound. Okay, fair enough. I go there, called in. I am laying on my back. Anyone that has been pregnant can tell you, laying on your back at almost 32 weeks is un-fun. I could not breathe and keep having to get up. uuugghh Oh and 32 ounces of water drank in the hour before the ultrasound and someone pressing on bladder. Oh joy!! Finally I was able to go pee, then several more minutes go by. I have seen the baby, only the tech has. She won't turn the screen my way. She then says okay you can go get your husband. I clean up, trot out and get my husband and daughter. He comes in and I get back into position, the tech turns screen our way for oohhh about 2 minutes and says.. There is the baby. Huh... He waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes for 2 minutes of there's the baby. I was unimpressed. Side Note: Nothing wrong, just how this particular Kaiser does this. Again, unimpressed.

And.. if you all are wondering. I got the results from the glucose test as I was coming out of the ultrasound. Fail. You have gestational diabetes. Oh joy, let's cap my day off. 

I admit I cried. It will make this pregnancy which is already difficult enough, more so. Kaiser seems to make it even worse. They seem to want to treat you like you are a criminal when you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetics.

Today I had a run in with Kaiser over the GDM but it came out right. So I won't go into it. I am trying to make this a  better day. I went to the library, best buy, and Target.

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