Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wonder Why?

Sometimes I wonder what motivates people. Is it greed, anger, love, mercy, hope, distrust, want etc. It can be many things depending on the person I guess. I also wonder why people feel the need to impinge their problem on someone else. By problem I mean, whatever drives them to act badly. Why do people feel the need to drop all that on someone else who has nothing to do with whatever their issue is. I think some people need others to feel bad to make themselves feel good, others I think are so wrapped up in their own selfishness that they are completely unaware of what their actions might do to others around them. Whatever the reason I makes me wander down the path of just not understanding.
Sometimes it is not even you it is happening to but to someone else. I think it is harder then because you want to fix the issue and have absolutely no power in which to do so. All you can do is pray in both situations yours and someone elses.
I know God uses all things for his good, but sometimes it takes a long time to see what he is up too. I guess in that case you learn faith.

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