Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lots of good stuff!!

So.. Hubby is in NorCal and will be driving our things here on Thursday. I am so excited about putting the house together finally. We don't have a lot of furniture right now and will still need a couch since we don't currently own one, but I am sure we will find one soonish!!

We saw my hubby's brother this weekend and it was enjoyable. He is heading back to Virginia where he recently moved, so hubby won't get to see him that often. I would hate being that far away from my sister but I guess them being men it is probably easier for them.

We saw my new doctor here in Southern Cali, Kaiser. I really liked him. I still need to go over to the other Kaiser office and fill out paperwork to transfer records, and I have to take my glucose test again. Uuuugghhh I hate that thing, but hopefully I pass it and that will be all I have to do.

L's insurance is still not active here in SoCal but hopefully soon. I am just trying to be patient and not get upset that it is taking so long. I am sure it will be active soon!!!!!!

We found out that a friend will be staying not far from us for about 6 weeks, they are having a tough situation, not mine to disclose but just pray for God to watch out for them, and provide for them.

On the whole I am liking our new area, and drama with the certain family member has been nixed. I have to admit mostly due to my deciding I was not playing the game anymore. It has been more peaceful in my mind ever since. We might still have an issue depending .. we will see what happens. I have decided I am not playing anymore period. So...

We are still working on names for Little Sister, if anyone has a name they like please let me know. We are interested since we can't seem to come up with it on our own. We will be getting a 3D ultrasound in a couple of weeks, I am excited to see what Little Sister looks like.

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