Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stress!! Learning to deal!!!!!

Today was a pretty good day.. I did learn something today.. just through the basic need to be stress free for one simple day... Today I learned that self care is so important to me, even more so given the many situations that are hard to cope with in my life.

I really thought today about my self care and realized I have not been getting very much. It is such a simple thing, sometimes as simple as a nice bath, or as complicated as a day without children.

I have become hard to be around lately, in my opinion. It is hard for me to be around me, so I am sure my poor husband is having some hard times dealing with me. I would if I were in his shoes. He deserves serious credit for continuing to support me and love on me during this past few weeks.

I also know I am more difficult when I am pregnant on the whole. When asked what he would miss about me being pregnant when I was pregnant with L, he said nothing. I can totally understand why, and with Little Sister I have been even more difficult.

I am determined to learn how to deal with stress differently than I currently do. Meltdowns are my current method of dealing. I am fairly certain that, that cannot be construed as dealing with or coping with stress. It is more of stress getting the best of me.

I am sure I will write on this more, but as of now. I have three steps I am going to try to remember and focus on.

1. Self Care
2. Listen to myself
3. Attempt to correct my behavior when I see it.

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  1. I love your blog! I agree with this. One big one for me would also be attempting to correct my behavior when I see it. I have meltdowns too, you're not alone :)