Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today, my husband left to go study at the local library. He has to study, it is part of this lifestyle. I honestly wish he was around more, it would be helpful. However, that is not to be. I am very much trying to be accepting of that fact.

I actually was doing pretty good about him leaving. I admit I get tired dealing with my little one and being pregnant, but on the whole I have been pretty good.

However, when there are issues with close family, it makes it difficult. Suffice to say I don't quite get along with a close member of the family. It makes things difficult and it makes it hard for him to focus. I wish I knew how to deal with this better. Unfortunately,this situation does exist.

I admit is stresses me out and I probably don't handle it in the best way. I don't exactly know how to handle it properly. I am resolved though, this time for it not to get the better of me.

I am off to pray about it.. God will give me the answer on how to deal with it.

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