Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Self Care

So I am still on the Self Care kick... I had my haircut today. I am loving it, I want to dye it but I also don't want to have lots of gray/grey shots to go with birth story of Little sister. I attached a pic!!!
Today was another relaxing day, had one little hiccup dealing with Kaiser, and some woman who answered the phone whose IQ was questionable.. (mean but a true statement sadly) I enjoyed time with my little girl and even lunch with my husband.
My hair was cut my a new person and let me tell you I was nervous, but she turned out to be awesome all the way around. I love the haircut and I loved her too!!
I meet with a Moms group at my new church, it is hard to say MY new church.. I miss Sanctuary and it feels like I am being disloyal.. anyway.. I liked them, and will go again on the next meet...

It feels good to be feeling more like myself. I do have some things to take care that have the potential for stress, so pray for me to remain cool if they do and not let them GET me.


  1. So cute, I love the new hair! It sounds so trivial, but a good haircut can really go a long way on changing my attitude/outlook on things.

  2. yes it can.. and I love this photo hubby took of me..