Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It seems like I am facing new things constantly.. Here's the thing.. I am not good with new things.. Good or bad... How do I handle them.. usually badly.. do I want to.. no but can I seem to control that fact.. yet another no...

I am you see, immersed in a life that is often not my own.. I go places and do things that I is not of my choosing.. You wonder what I am talking about.. Well.. My husband you see is a medical student. It is a different lifestyle that seems to require constant change and adjustment on my part.

I decided to talk about this here.. I can at least share what it is like.. What is wonderful and what is not so wonderful...

I am wife to a medical student. It is a simple statement that means so much. There are support groups our there for us. That says something doesn't it. Do they seem to help me.. Of course .. but only sometimes...

Do I have friends in the same position.. Of course I do.. Do I call on them .. Yes I most certainly do... However, it seems as life gets more complicated and more stressful .. I just handle things badly...

Now my husband, is a good husband. However, he can't always be there. He can't support me in ways that I think a husband should a lot of the time.. It causes stress and strain on both of us.. Do I try to adjust my thinking.. of course.. Does it always work.. You already know the answer to that..

Where am I right now that is causing this blog to be created.. I am awake at 4am in a new apartment in new city, in a completely new area I have never lived. I am 25 weeks pregnant with our second child, and my little adorable 19 month is asleep in her bed.

The question is.. How will I adapt to this new life... Only time will tell.. and God only knows.

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