Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sometimes there is something so novel about life, with it's hard edges and sharp corners. How do you go through this life, with all of it's hardness and not forget the soft parts. I clearly am not the person to ask.

Right now my life seems to be consumed with only the hard edges, the ridiculously all consuming hard edges. The parts you don't understand, even when you put them under the microscope. I don't know how to cope, just to be clear. I am not sure anyone would know how to cope if they lived a day in my life.

Is life all about the hard edges and learning how to cope with them. Is it about learning to deal with the sharp corners and not forgetting the squishy wonderful parts. What is life about, what am I supposed to learn when I look around and most of it ...well sucks..

I am trying to lean on God, but some days are just so hard. I am trying.. each day.. I try to see what I can't see, and all I end up is with a headache and a hurting heart.

Is this what I am supposed to feel?


  1. I am not walking in your exact shoes, but I can relate to some of the feelings you are describing. My husband goes to work for days at a time, and his schedule is always changing and evolving. It drives me crazy most days. He studies a lot and takes extra shifts to provide for us, but still the lack of rhythm is very hard for family life. I am glad you started this blog. It is good to have an outlet. To everything there is a season... maybe this is a season of toil and and tilling the land, and the harvest is soon on the horizon.

  2. Christie,

    Thank you. It is good to hear that someone else understands. I am nervous about his schedule. I know, this season just seems so ... long..