Thursday, June 17, 2010

I admit..

I am feeling a little beat up by life about now. I am feeling a lot alone at the moment. I am in a new city, a whole new area. I miss knowing where to go, I miss the friendships. I miss my family. Basicly at this moment I miss everything I can think of. =(

I just wish I could adapt a little better. I guess this just part of learning to deal with the hardships of life. You would think I would know how to do this by now. It appears maybe I don't.

I have to say being married to a medical student has it's own special set of hardships that many don't understand. Though, there are many of my friends who not immersed in this that do try very hard to understand.

Heck, I am in and sometimes I don't get. Other times, I resent the *&*&**(^%$%$^ out of this life. I resent the school, the lifestyle, just about everything. But, only sometimes and oddly other than feeling angry and annoyed at his school, I don't feel that way right now.

Right now, I just kind of feel lonely. I feel overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. I feel hopeless and hopeful at the very same time. I feel certain everything will work out, and scared at the same that it won't. I know that God has plan, I am ready though to know some details.